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Make your own webpage successful with 5 easy steps

There are 5 easy steps any website owner can do to make their webpage successful. When potential customers visit your website you want the first impression of your business and brand to be taken seriously. You want them to understand that you took the time into presenting a visually pleasing experience. You also want to ensure that they can use your website with ease. We have created 5 steps you can follow to make your webpage successful. A clean feel that is easy to use is the path to success.

Make sure your homepage is perfected and optimized before any other pages.

Once you have captured a visitor to your website you will only have seconds to get their attention. This is why you want to make sure your webpage for your homepage is optimized. Aimed to keep the visitors versus having them bounce off your site. Perfecting your homepage is making it appealing to prospective clients visually. You can do this with clear images and text that is grammatically correct. Staying straight to the point so customers don’t have to guess or figure out what you are trying to say. We typically recommend Grammarly since they have a free version.

In addition to great imagery and well-written text, you want to have a clear navigation bar. We will talk more about that in the next step. However, another important step is the call to action buttons. Call-to-action buttons help ensure visitors engage with the site. For example, having a buy now button on your web page for a product will bring visitors to a checkout page.

Give visitors a user-friendly website with standard features.

Think about the features you appreciate about a website you visit often. You will notice most popular web pages are fairly standard in usability. This is because website designers know that site usability is how they convert visitors to customers. We are not saying copy and paste exactly what you see but you want your website to be easy for others to use. Using features customers use often will make your website successful.

Make your own webpage successful with these 5 easy steps.

1. Your business logo.

Put your business logo at the top of your website. Use a left or center alignment when placing your logo. Attach your homepage link to your logo. should be attached to your homepage link. Applying this feature to your web pages will let visitors know they reached the right website. In addition to brand recognition, this will also help if a visitor gets lost on your site. All they have to do is click the logo and get back to the homepage.

2. Always have a contact us button.

Having a contact us button lets potential customers know how they can reach you. If they have a question about something on your website before buying your product or service making it easy for them to contact you can increase the chance of you being able to land the sale.

3. Clear and clean website navigation.

At the top of the webpage include a simple and clear navigation bar. By having a clear and clean navigation menu at the top of the page visitors will be able to browse your site easily. If you do have a website that is content-rich such as a blog site you can benefit from having a search box or icon at the top of the page. This will allow people to put exactly what they are looking for in the search and get to it easier.

4. When choosing your design make sure it is responsive.

Your website should work well on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This step is important because most google searches are done on mobile devices. Knowing that everyone who visits will not necessarily be using a des makes this step an important one to apply to your business.

When creating your webpage or if you are upgrading your current webpage take the time to make sure it works properly and looks good on mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly website will not only keep customers coming back but it should also increase your sales now that your website can be used anywhere. Hosterfi’s Sitebuilder offers plenty of mobile-friendly themes that are easy and quick to integrate.

5. Include social media icons on your homepage.

Social media is the way to get your business news, updates, brand, and more out to millions of people the fastest. Having easy access to share your business on social media is important. It can also allow you to get more customers because you are reaching more people. Some businesses even use social media as a way to stay in contact with customers or communicate with potential customers.

The standard placement for social media icons is in the footer of the website. Linking social media platforms to the webpage you creat can help increase traffic making your page more successful. The footer of your website is typically the best place to include icons that link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Always remember when you make your own webpage you are creating a brand.

A website for your business is like having a virtual business card. It is an important factor that all businesses can benefit from. Having your website design match your brand is important for the success of your business. Using colors, images, and text consistent with the aesthetic of your business across the board will help you in the long run.

Make your own webpage conclusion

These 5 easy steps will get you on the road to making your business a success. There are many pre-made themes you can look through to get an idea of how you want to show your business online. Once you choose one make sure your take into consideration all of these steps as they will help grow your business. Or, you can use a page builder such as the HosterFi Page Builder. Designed to be super easy to use.

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