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How to boost your google presence for your small business

With the fierce competition in the online world, it’s important to have a strong Google presence. Here are a few simple steps to boost your Google presence and get more visits to your website.

Optimizing your website for SEO is extremely important to boost your Google presence.

Google’s algorithm that determines which pages should rank higher than others is their proprietary information. Google does not disclose this information to the public, but what we do know is user experience and accessibility are important to them. With that in mind Optimizing your website on a page-by-page basis will help. This task is called onsite SEO. To understand what needs to be fixed, you will need to use a platform that includes a website auditor such as MarketGoo. These website auditors will let you know exactly what needs to be fixed. As long as these issues are fixed, you will have a stronger chance of ranking. Also, keep in mind that keyword research is extremely important. Spend the time to research the right keywords for each page. 

What does onsite SEO have to do with user experience and accessibility?

There are elements on a website that are needed for a blind visitor to understand what’s on your website. One of the most important elements is an alt text for an image. This alt text is read out loud by screen readers allowing the blind to understand what’s in the image.

Work on Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is probably the harder part of increasing your Google presence. It involves backlinking which means linking another site to yours. 

How can I get backlinks?

Getting these backlinks involves creating a relationship with website owners that rank for the keyword you’re going after. Other times putting out great and informational content will eventually create backlinks.

This would be the best advice for generating backlinks. Write great and informative content as often as you possibly can with a minimum of 2 posts per week. 


Much like everything else in business, consistency is the key when trying to boost your presence on search engines like Google and Bing. Hard work and consistency always pay off and your small business will reap the benefits. 

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