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How to do seo for your website step-by-step

Handling your own SEO is a dire job. Until now, here’s how to do SEO for your website step-by-step with the right tools and keyword research. It is, in fact, a job on its own but there are easy tools out there to get you going. Once you have the tools and the direction, you’ll then understand how to do SEO for your website. So let’s get into it.

1. The first step is getting the tools you will need.

There are many websites and platforms that can help with your SEO journey but many can be complicated and will discourage you. The tool we recommend for beginners is MarketGoo. The reason we prefer MarketGoo for handling SEO is its user-friendly interface as well as the step-by-step guide.

2. Keyword Research is important if you would like to handle your own SEO

There’s a trick to finding the right keyword. The keyword should have a decent amount of traffic per month without high competition. This part of SEO is probably the heavier part of the job. Thankfully, there is a keyword research tool on MarketGoo.

3. On Page optimization for the keyword you chose.

Now that you have your keyword, now it’s time to put that keyword to work. The first step is on-page optimization. Basically optimizing for that keyword tells search engines your target keyword that you would like to rank for. It’s always best to optimize every single page on your website for the relevant keyword. Most tools such as MarketGoo have this option. It also let’s you know what steps to take in order to resolve the problem.

4. Off Page Optimization

This step is probably one of the hardest steps besides keyword research. It involves seeking out other websites that can link to your website’s content. Typically, if your website has a lot of blog posts that help the people in your industry such as DIY blog posts. Typically this could happen on its own but there are a ton of factors that would be involved. A good idea is to look for forums or sites where a user may ask the question that your blog answers. Respond in a natural manner and provide your link. Keep in mind, that when you provide this link, it has to be clickable using an “a” tag and should have the keyword chosen for that page as the text.

5. Consistency and monitoring.

SEO only works well with consistency. It can be a lot of work but also can be very rewarding. Don’t give up, and write at least 2 blog posts per week. Also, remember to keep track of your progress. Thankfully this is also a task that MarketGoo handles. The platform will automatically provide a monthly report.


There you have it all. That is How to do seo for your website step-by-step. Remember, keep pushing forward and as I mentioned, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to use MarketGoo to start off.

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