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HosterFi Website Builder

Build a website fast with the easiest website builder.

Design a mobile friendly website in minutes with HosterFi’s easy-to-use website builder.  The lowest costing builder for websites for 2022!

Create a website in minutes.

Simply answer questions about your business, blog, or portfolio then let our A.I. website builder start building your new website.

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How to use HosterFi's website builder

Follow these easy steps on how to build a website.

Pick from our catalog of professional designer-made, SEO optimized templates or answer questions and let our AI make suggestions based on your industry.

Create a site you will be proud of by adding images, picking perfect colors, fonts, and layout. You can always add more features later. Remember there is no coding required.

A drag-and-drop feature that allows you to edit easily. Also since mobile responsiveness is extremely important you’ll have the ability to adjust all parts of your website for mobile.

There are built-in marketing tools such as engagement stats and visitor metrics to help you understand how people use your site. In addition, you can integrate google analytics to track your site’s improvements once you publish.  

An easy website builder at your fingertips.

Creating a web presence requires the right platform. An easy to use drag and drop feature by which you can use to move objects and sections to your desired location. 

From a portfolio site, blog site, and emplate and wizard-based with guided content that is simple enough for beginners and feature-rich for professionals. Feels like PowerPoint but with more muscle, elegance, and simplicity. A solution that you will enjoy using to create a website with our website builder.

Screen shot of Sitebuilder in action.

A customizable website builder.

Choose from hundreds of professional and creative website templates  

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  • All website templates
  • Beauty website templates
  • Business Website Templates
  • Featured website templates
  • Restaurant website templates

Start building for free!

Yes! we said it, you can use our website builder for free. We don't charge until you publish. We have many more templates for different industries.

Website builder plans

Explore the website plans we offer.


$ 3.99 /mo
Allows for 1 Page


$ 4.99 /mo
Allows for unlimited pages

E-commerce website plans

Get started with a small business low cost e-commerce website  plan.


$ 9.99 /mo
Allows for 1 Page


$ 19.99 /mo
Allows for unlimited pages


$ 25.99 /mo
Allows for unlimited pages

What's included?

All plans include 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Do you have a business, blog, or portfolio you want to put online but don’t know how to start your site. 

  • First, make a plan for your site. What you want to offer and who is your audience is the first questions you should answer. 
  • Second register a domain name. 
  • Third pick the most efficient, easy, and fast site builder with responsive themes available.
  • Fifth you publish your site online. 
We guaranteed secure domain registration with HosterFi’s domains. We recommend getting a .com but there are many different TLDs available. Getting a custom domain will help your site look more professional online.
A website builder allows any user to build a website online on their own, without needing to know any code. Usually, with a drag and drop feature. This option allows you to drag and drop any feature you want and customize it to match the look and feel of your site. It’s actually pretty easy and reccomend you get started for free and only pay when you publish with our webstier builder plans starting at $3.99.

HosterFi’s site builder provides a way for you to create a website that will get you online quickly. Answer a few questions and the AI website builder option will suggest a new site templates. Professional designers have used this website builder as a fast and efficient way to get a website online. Finally, you can use what web designers use to build websites.

All plans come with a user-friendly dashboard, SEO optimized website templates. A free image gallery and built-in analytics to help your website look good and continue to grow. Our plans will not change we are looking to offer more great website building options and tools for you as they are developed. 

Your HosterFi website template is already optimized for mobile and you can edit your mobile settings even more with the editor. There is also an option to see different versions of the site on different devices. We provide modern website templates that will look great on any device.

The e-commerce website builder plan allows you to build your e-commerce store from setup to checkout. Everything you need to sell online is already included. Selling online is truly the best way to sell more of anything. Also the eCommerce package starts as low as $9.99 for one page, $19.99 for unlimited pages, and $25.99 for the premium package.

Absolutely! We also have single page templates that can help you on your landing page creation journey. The price is only $3.99 making it the lowest costing website builder online. You can create a landing page of any style with our designer-made templates. 

In addition to your purchase of a website builder plan you get free cloud hosting for your website and domain. You may only need cloud hosting but we have everything you need for the success of your website with HosterFi. From share cloud hosting to WordPress VPS. We make it easy to integrate and add on tools as your business grows.

If you rather someone else build your website for you please make sure they are well-established and experienced website builders. MageHD.com is a company with a CEO with over 25 years in the web development industry. MagehHD.com has designed and developed marketplaces and is a partner with the biggest DIY website building companies. We recommend getting a consultation with the most knowledgeable website builders and seeing exactly what you will need and how much it will cost.

Don’t have time to build websites? Hire an expert.

MageHD.com offers flexible, high-quality, custom and template-built website services. Consult with a professional website builder about building your website and establishing your online presence.

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Create a website of your dreams with the best website builder for small business in 2022

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