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Easiest website builders for 2022 – top 2

Are you looking for the easiest website builders recommended for beginners?

Look no further we have done the market research to help you find the easiest website builders for your website. In America, we are almost halfway through 2022. It is absolutely the perfect time to take the next step to get paid in your sleep. You can achieve this with a website that stays working for you 24/7. Whether we are in a pandemic or post-pandemic getting a small business or blog online is all you need. Literally a click away from having a business online that works for you. With an easy website builder, you can put your e-commerce store, blog, artist store, or anything you desire on the web. By going online you can reach a larger audience.

Why not hire a website building company, isn’t that the easiest way to build websites?

Unless you are a frontend or backend developer you would need to hire a website design company. There are some low-cost web development companies that will do an incredible job like MageH.D. However, getting a site built starts cost at $4500 for a WordPress site. If you don’t have thousands to spend on getting a website built then you can build your own website. You don’t need to know how to create a custom website to build your own website. After interviewing some of the industry professionals in web development we have decided on two site builders that have you covered. All you need to know about the top 2 customizable website builders just keep reading

We have narrowed it down to two of the easiest website builders for 2022!

Are you an artist, or entrepreneur looking for the best free website builders for your website? HosterFi Sitebuilder is a platform you can start building your site for free and only pay when you publish. Another top known website builder is a Wix site. These top two website builders are very easy to use. 

With the top 2 platforms to build a website, you will find the perfect one to build your own website. We are providing all the information you need to choose which one to consider for your website builder company. Building your website should be fun just as much as it is easy. Factors we will consider when it comes to creating a website are customization tools to make your site look good. Also, it is important to consider if it has eCommerce functionality, SEO capabilities, and marketing tools. 

Here’s what you can expect from the easiest website builders Wixsite and HosterFi Sitebuilder. 

From a free trial to no starting price a Wix site and HosterFi’s Sitebuilder have you covered. If cost is a concern Wix site builder offers a free site with ads. Sitebuilder allows you to build your websites free of charge and you only pay when you published. Wix starting cost $16 a month and HosterFi’s Sitebuilder one-page site starts as low as $3.99 a month and $4.99 for unlimited. However other sites can cost as much as $30 for the same capabilities.  

Another factor to consider is domain hosting. HosterFi’s Sitebuilder comes with cloud hosting with each package. When deciding on-site hosting how big is your store, do you need it for basic eCommerce, and are you a writer looking for a blog site are questions to ask yourself. At the top of the list, we have chosen the right site builder that can you get started fast. Fast sometimes means no extras but we also what the option for the site builder to be customizable. In addition, it needs to be easy to use.

What really matters to you when looking for the easiest website builders?

To make sure we give the best information to help you decide for yourself we did the research. We had to look at the prices of each site builder plan and the real important features that are included with it. We also spoke to web developers who have used both platforms for their customers. Also when looking for the cheapest and easiest way to build their own website.    

Industry professional developers took into consideration what would business owners, bloggers, creators, and artists see when building their own sites. Things such as different product categories, mobile-friendly, customer support, and SEO tools. At the end of the day, everyone wants their website to look professional, and have the ability to grow with the business and make money.  

If you check out all the things you need and need more facts to back up your decision check out our FAQ we put together. The web builder you choose should include everything you need to start your online venture. That means if your website needs to be faster you get all of that and more with HosterFi Sitebuilder which includes fast and reliable cloud hosting. 

HOSTING BANNER FAST AND RELIABLE (keyword web hosting companies

A Wixsite has definitely gained a popular position compared to HosterFi Sitebuilder.

Wixsite had become one of the top websites compared to HosterFi Sitebuilder in the web development industry. It has had over 100 million websites built. Known for its abundance of tools, capabilities, and freedom to create has made it one of the top two website builders.  This is in comparison to all platforms measuring user usability and price because face it that is what really matters.

To get the best out of what you paid for Wix just like Hostefi Sitebuilder developers recommend you don’t start with a template and then decide to customize it. Although it is minimal work on your end if you go with a template build of your website there are advanced applications and customizations you can choose to do also. Just again don’t mix the two if you want to maximize users’ experiences with your website.  

Although an abundance in tools , capabilities and freedom to create can be quite challenging starting with a site that is free makes it easier to learn as you grow. Wix offers a basic free website builder plan that lets website owners create a free website with ads. In the case where you don’t want a bunch of ads on your website you can choose a plan with wix starting at $16 a month. With HosteFi’s sitebuidler you can build it for free and only pay when you are ready to publish. Once you are ready to publish for under $5 dollars a month your can have a live site on the internet with HosterFi Sitebuilder.  

Easiest Website Builders That Works For You!

The easiest eCommerce builder exists.

 If you are looking to upgrade to an eCommerce website builder for your store with Wix there are $27 dollars a month plan. In the case, you are strapped for cash or want to spend more money on marketing than creating a store front you can get a Store Plus Plan with HosterFi Sitebuilder for only $9.99 and it is easy to use. Remember these costs are for a website only. If you are looking to purchase a domain first HosterFi has domains available for sale. Also, you can transfer your existing domain to a store-plus plan.  

When you build your new website with a site builder you need a way to measure website traffic. Wix doesn’t have a tool you can add but HosteFi Sitebuilder allows your to add marketgoo which can connect with good analytics. Although wix is very popular one thing you may want to consider is being able to have everything in one place a click or two away. 

Although both site builders are really good there are other limitations with Wix. Wix data limitations can hinder some sites’ growth. In this case, just make sure what your business goals are comparing what kind of traffic and SEO capabilities you want.

Sometimes the range of options can also be too much for some people. Having all these options to go through can be time-consuming. For both of our top 2 site builders, you can easily go the AI route. An AI or automatic route can help you get it done fast and professionally. With a site builder like HosteFi Sitebuilder, you can have the editor’s freedom and range of options still focused on the creator’s usability. It also takes into consideration the people who will visit your website and the ease of going through your website.

Finally, you can create an easy webpage with an easy website builder. 

Creating an easy webpage can change the success of your business. You don’t have to hire an expensive website developer or be an expert yourself to do it. HosterFi Sitebuilder is one of the easiest website creators to navigate and add on to as your business grows. Whether it’s a photography website builder or an eCommerce site using an easy site builder will help you monetize your website.  

In conclusion, the easiest website building sites are focused on you the client. When creating these platforms it is all about who needs to be able to actually use them successfully. First for best business practices establish what are your business need. Using an online website builder that doesn’t charge for you to build is the best to start with. The cost of starting a Wix site or HosterFi Sitebuilder website for free of charge. This will allows time to make your mark on line professionally and with a good business plan. The growth of the website building industry means you have more choices than ever before. However, now you can easily find the best website builder tailored to your wants and needs.

The tools are structured to make it easy for anyone to build their website, but without affecting aesthetics in a negative way. Remember to first establish your website’s priorities and direction when choosing a website builder. If you are not sure how to do this check out our how to choose the best site builder FAQ. Doing this first will make it easier to find the best site builder platform to build your website and avoid issues. Always, by establishing your priorities and direction, it will be easier to find a match for the best website builder and avoid buyer’s remorse during the building of a website journey.

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