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Increase Website Speed For Higher Traffic Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has marked an undeniable impact on both small and large businesses alike and created a need to increase website speed. In the past decade, we have seen a large shift of many businesses moving towards e-commerce platforms.  This is also causing a surge in online marketing and the need for high-speed business websites. The Stay at Home campaign, had websites experiencing an overwhelming amount of traffic to their platforms. The reliability of your website speed subsumes a tremendous weight.  When it comes to the success of your business during the current times.

A surge of Internet Use Brought On By Covid-19

Traffic volume has increased to quite possibly, world record heights. This is why the demand for internet quality holds so much weight during the current pandemic. As soon as policies made the shift to ‘Stay at home’ there was a major increase in downloads. Also the use of news, social media, and streaming online. Though most domains can handle the influx of traffic, if your website isn’t operating quickly enough, your clients and customers will easily search elsewhere.

The availability and reliability of your Website

In the likelihood, your website is experiencing traffic spikes, to ensure your website doesn’t crash, or slow down, there are measures you can take to keep it running according to standard speed. First off, delete any unnecessary images or videos from the page. Second keep the page focused on what your clients may be searching for. If the images are necessary, compress and reduced to a size that won’t overload the site. Secondly, optimize HTTP caching in order to reduce heavy demands on your server. Lastly, because there are many at-home searches, it’s important to optimize your load performance to offset the performance impact of reduced bandwidth. For more on how to optimize your site during Covid-check out HosterFi’s hosting, SEO, and sitebuilder services.

In conclusion, it is important to increase website speed.

If you’re running a business online you’ve probably experienced a lot of changes, both to your website and your business alike. Firstly, treat yourself to a performance overview in Google Analytics. Pay attention to user traffic and behaviors, and don’t overlook how impatient and stressed users are right now. To keep up with the increase in traffic online to your website it’s best to go with a fast and reliable hosting company to host your website.  HosterFi is the fastest low costing hosting companies out there and is guaranteed to increase your website page loading speed.

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