However, Jason Morgan is his biological father. Elizabeth, Lucky, and Jason were all heartbroken. ", Post a Comment Share on Facebook Tweet this Submit Feedback. Even though she knew being gay had nothing to do with a love of baking, Liz vowed to support Aiden no matter what life he chose to lead. However, Lucky refused to listen to her and she left. The two of them bond with "their" son, whom they name Aiden, because Elizabeth likes the name. Only current spouses or those married at the time of their death appear here. Nikolas brings Cameron and Jake over to to visit Elizabeth on March 1, 2010. He is then seen coming home from trick or treating with his family and tells everyone that he is going to hide his candy because last Halloween Cameron helped himself to Aiden's candy. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menu items. Nikolas decides to leave town, but Elizabeth stops him. Introduced by The wedding was called off after she realized this. July 19, 2010 Lucky points out that they agreed to move on, but they both know that it doesn't seem to be working for either one of them. OUT? Robert Guza, Jr. Since Lucky left town in December 2011, Aiden has been living with Elizabeth full-time. On February 6, Aiden is seen running into his mom's room, saying that he's hungry. Elizabeth, ne Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, also called (1923-36) duchess of York, (1936-52) Queen Elizabeth, and the Queen Mother, (born August 4, 1900, St. Paul's Waldenbury, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Englanddied March 30, 2002, Windsor, Berkshire), queen consort of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1936-52), wife of King George VI. These events brought Elizabeth and Jason closer together. | color = #39AFF2 Elizabeth was barren; she was unable to have children ( Luke 1:7 ). However, this incident makes Lucky, Nikolas, and Steven realize that Elizabeth's in serious trouble, and they end up sending her to Shadybrook for treatment. Elizabeth Webber is the granddaughter of legendary Chief of Staff Steve Hardy and his wife Audrey. While growing up in Boulder, Elizabeth said that she never received as much attention as her sister did and always rebelled and got into trouble. Sometimes, "General Hospital" fans have to be reminded who actually fathered Cameron Webber (Will Lipton), the oldest son of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). The boys start getting impatient so Epiphany takes them out to the courtyard to play. He was born on July 19, 2010, and originally believed to be the son of Nikolas Cassadine due to Helena Cassadine switching paternity test results. | grandchildren = Aiden Spencer is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Richard "Rick" Webber, Jr. - Son of Rick and Ginny. Nikolas kidnapped Aiden with the intention of raising him on the lam, but in the end, both Liz and Lucky were too important to Nikolas. Be sure to join our We Love General Hospital Facebook group to chat about all the latest storylines and juicy gossip! He has expressed interest in wanting a little brother or sister. Elizabeth then claims that he's trying to get her back by using this baby, and points out the fact that he hardly pays attention to the child he has. First cousins Terri Webber Arnett - Daughter of Lars and Helene. All Rights Reserved, Please note that this form cannot be used to reset your Google, Michael Yarish/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images; ABC. nephew of Lucky Spencer, Brooke Spencer-Morgan, and Lulu Spencer-Zacharra. In November, he is seen rehearsing what he is going to say at the wedding. Lucky asked Jason to agree to send Elizabeth and the boys, along with Sam, to hide in a cabin. Aiden and Cameron also tell their mom that Spencer sold bow ties to raise money for Shriners. But Cameron's father is barely mentioned. He has two younger half-brothers Jacob "Jake" Spencer and Aiden Spencer. Lucky stormed out and went back to Rebecca's room at Kelly's. Contents 1 Another Romantic Mistake 2 A New Direction 3 Personality Aiden Spencer on GENERAL HOSPITAL has grown up on the soap but hes had a few different faces, so its understandable that some fans might find themselves questioning his history, especially who his father is. Elizabeth becomes pregnant. B&B DAILY RECAPS: Get caught up on what happened Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful, THE SCOOP! In the months ahead, Liz became close friends with Jason Morgan, who helped her deal with the loss of her first love. It is also revealed that they are now staying at Wyndemere, not Audrey's. Michael "Mike" Webber - Son of Rick and Lesley through adoption. | nieces/nephews = Elizabeth and Zechariah are called "righteous and blameless" people who walked in all the commandments of the Lord ( Luke 1:6 ). TV and film icon Dick Van Dyke will make soap opera debut this fall on Days of our Lives, Harmony returns to Genoa City -- Harmony Hamilton, that is, As the World Turns, The Doctors star Elizabeth Hubbard has died, Y&R's Michael Damian chats Danny's future in Genoa City and a special musical performance for the soap. In early 2009, Elizabeth was poisoned while assisting in surgery. However, outside her room, Lucky tells Nikolas he hopes that Nikolas is the father of the baby, because he realizes that his and Elizabeth's relationship is over. Chad Brannon is an American actor. She begins going to Wyndemere with Aiden to visit Nikolas and arranges play dates for the three of them. Aiden wasnt seen again until March 2023 when he joined the rest of the family in saying goodbye to big brother Cameron, who was going to college in California. In 2013, Aiden meets his grandma Laura Spencer, when she returns to Port Charles, bringing gifts for Aiden and Cameron. Current status Jason David as Aiden Spencer In 2018, it was revealed Aiden is passionate about baking. Nurse Elizabeth Webber, played by the talented Rebecca Herbst, is one of "General Hospital's" most iconic characters, which is not surprising considering the family the character she was born into. [12] After his appearance on April 16, 2020, David was offscreen for almost a year due to the COVID pandemic. In 2013, it was revealed that the real reason Helena switched the paternity tests was because her son, Stavros, was alive, and she was trying to help him get his strength back by telling him that he was going to have another grandchild. Elizabeth becomes suicidal after she finds out she's pregnant, Preggo Elizabeth at Shadybrook (with Lucky), Liz finds out that she's definitely in labor, Aiden with brother, Cameron, his mom and dad, Aiden with his mom and Monica (He looks so much like Lucky), Elizabeth tells Lucky that he is Aiden's father, Aiden with his mom, brother and grandma Laura, Watching grandma Laura and Scott get married, Aiden, Elizabeth and A.J. Recurring She ends up on the roof of the hospital, trying to kill herself. After all, he has her last name, which is her maiden name (via Soaps In Depth ), and she always makes a point of mentioning the two men who fathered her other two boys. Lucky had been consumed with guilt because he had nearly killed his wife when he had set fire to his childhood home that he had once shared with Liz. Once he returns to Port Charles, Lucky returns Aiden to Elizabeth and Nikolas, who thank Lucky for finding him. After Lucky completed rehab, Elizabeth remarried him. Lucky SpencerElizabeth WebberFranco Baldwin (step; deceased) Although Elizabeth wanted him to leave with her, Lucky stayed behind to help. However, they are rarely friendly with each other as Elizabeth finally ceased to trust him. When Liz was married to Lucky Spencer, he became the father figure in Camerons life during that time. Biological son of Derek Barrington and. Stars imagine what would happen in soap characters showed up at their Thanksgiving dinner What is your first impression of Colin? Cameron Steven Webber is the son of Alexander "Zander" Smith and Elizabeth Webber. She decided to have a paternity test, but unbeknownst to everyone, Helena Cassadine switched the results of the test to make it appear that Nikolas was the father, per Soaps In Depth. At first, Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth suspect Helena, but it's later revealed that serial killer and artist Franco is the one who took the baby. Soap Opera Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Elizabeth Webber has three sons: Cameron, Jake, and Aiden. He was about to leave and take the baby to Europe until he realized it wasn't fair to anyone and would re-ignite the Spencer-Cassadine war. Manage Settings Lucky comes back and is honest with her, tellig her why he forgave her and that he knows their relationship is over for good. After taking them home, he comes back and tells Elizabeth that he brought them over to Wyndemere to play with Spencer and he's been trying to make an effort as a father by spending time with the three kids. Violet knows her Grandpa Gregory, so she asks to meet her Grandpa Jeff. Aiden Spencer is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Aiden was very withdrawn and uncommunicative, but Franco was finally able to get the kid to come out of his shell as he shared his love of baking. Herbst has dedicated the majority of her career to the soap and has been nominated for three Daytime Emmys (via IMDb ). In 1997, the two teenage girls arrived in Port Charles, having been sent by their parents to live with their grandmother Audrey. Aiden's paternity was in question, and the stress of not knowing who the father was took a toll on Liz. Titus Jackson as Aiden Spencer Introduced on August 1, 1997, as a rebellious teenager, Elizabeth comes to live with her grandmother Audrey Hardy ( Rachel Ames) and sister Sarah Webber ( Jennifer Sky ). The Brownstone44 Elm Street, #12[2][3]Port Charles, New York He returned as Aiden on March 17, 2021.[13]. In order to make Karen believe him, Lucky claims he is Aiden's father and asks Karen to do the right thing and let him take Aiden home to his family and his mother. Are you wanting to see more of him? After the story, Jason shows up with presents for the boys. Age Liz has three sons, but with all the swapped paternity tests, lies, and general drama, it can be difficult for newer viewers to work it all out (and sometimes even longtime viewers might still need a refresher!. Elizabeth found him and he was rushed to the hospital. We won't post to any of your accounts without asking first, Family trees can get rather complicated on soaps, but one of the most confusing ones is the Webber family tree which often has some fans wondering who are the fathers of Elizabeths kids on GENERAL HOSPITAL? | last = Nikolas returned his nephew to Lucky and Liz. Answer. | series = General Hospital Luke Spencer (deceased)Laura CollinsKevin Collins (step)(paternal)Jeff and Carolyn Webber[4](maternal) [8], Twins Maximo and Finbar portrayed Aiden in 2011. Elizabeth later returns to the hospital and accepts Lucky's proposal. So things didn't work out between them. When Liz was married to Lucky Spencer, he became the father figure in Cameron's life during that time. Who is Camerons father? 2023 . Liz's oldest son is Cameron Steven Webber, and his biological father is Zander Smith, who died in a police shootout before his son was even born. Attends Port Charles Elementary Aiden actually got kidnapped by Franco as a baby, but the kid became very close to the guy when he became part of their family. Things at first don't go smoothly at first. Liz ran another DNA test and realized Lucky was Aiden's real father but she kept the secret because she was overwhelmed with . The pair began a romance, but Emily returned, and, when she decided to reunite with Nikolas again, Zander and Elizabeth shared one night together that resulted in a pregnancy (via Soaps In Depth). Lucky finds her there and brings her into the hospital, where she is treated for hypothermia. Karen eventually gives the baby back. 12 Year Title Role Notes 2012 Cheerful Weather for the Wedding: Betty 2012 Cockneys vs Zombies: Natasha 2013 Frequencies: Mrs. Cook 2015 How much is the train Fare from Lucknow to Kanpur? | marriages = Unbeknownst to anyone, Stavros had been clinging to life, and Helena hoped that the news of a new Cassadine heir would give him the will to live. Find out what's ahead this week on DAYS. Use left arrow key to move back to the parent list. Elizabeth is disappointed when Nikolas is determined to be the father, even though she knew the odds were in his favor. }}Cameron Webber is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 4/28/23: Brick Catches Dex! But the happiness was short lived when Elizabeth started having an affair with Lucky's half-brother Nikolas Cassadine. | died = Elizabeth kept the truth a secret to protect the child from Jason's dangerous lifestyle and to keep Lucky from suffering devastation that she believed would cause him to relapse. She was close friends with Emily Quartermaine, Nikolas Cassadine, and Lucky Spencer growing up, and hated Sam Morgan, Carly Corinthos-Jacks, Maxie Jones, and Claudia Zacchara. He had been held captive by Helena Cassadine and brainwashed into believing that he did not love Elizabeth. Elizabeth goes back to work, but has trouble concentrating, so Steven assigns her to the Oncology wing, where she meets Shirley Smith, a terminal cancer patient who wishes to spend the remaining few months of her life enjoying herself.
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